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Climargy Inc

ClimargyⓇ is a specialist investment and development company that is dedicated to structuring and funding tailored infrastructure upgrades to help our clients improve energy management and reduce energy costs. We serve a mix of clients - from local and multinational corporations across a mix of building and facility owners and energy end-use sectors – including property, commercial, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, industrial, transportation, telecommunications, etc.

ClimargyⓇ delivers fully funded, off-balance-sheet infrastructure projects to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy bills. Energy efficiency upgrades implemented under shared savings performance contracts typically include HVAC/chiller retrofits, high efficiency motors, variable speed drives, pumps, compressed air systems, process efficiency improvements, LED relamping, building management systems, smart metering and controls, fuel switches and short-payback building envelope improvements. Distributed renewable generation and energy storage projects implemented through host energy-offtake agreements include rooftop solar PV, solar thermal cooling, district cooling, district heating and steam, waste heat recovery/organic rankine cycle, waste-to-energy, biomass-fired power and steam generation, thermal energy storage, battery energy storage systems.

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