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Newton Electrical Equipment Co. Inc.

Established in 1969, Newton Electrical Equipment Co. Inc.  has revolutionized the rewinding industry in the Philippines. The company has grown in the last 50 years to expand its service offerings to include the rebuilding and reconditioning of large AC/DC motors, turbo/hydro generator rewind, complete generator diagnostics, repair and maintenance, preventive and predictive maintenance, on-site and in-shop balancing, motor vibration spectrum analysis tests, thermal imaging services, distribution power transformer rewinding, transformer oil vacuum purification, and machine shop repair works. 

In seeking PE2 membership, Newton hopes to open doors of opportunity to employ its expertise in electric motors, transformers and generators across a broader range of industrial applications. Newton also believes that it can help other PE2 members and motor end-users maximize energy efficiency of motors through its wealth of experience and capabilities in motor diagnostics and replacements with the aid of standard metric evaluations.

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