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Pinnacle Machinery Corporation (PMC)

Pinnacle Machinery Corporation (PMC) is the licensed distributor of AMPOWR here in the Philippines. AMPOWR is a European supplier of sustainable energy storage solutions, utilizing renewable sources like solar, wind, and biomass and optimizing grid connectivity. AMPOWR specializes in research, design, operation, service, maintenance, and energy management software of battery storage systems globally.  Together with their BESS technology they also have an in-house EMS, AMPOWER “COSMOS”, for optimal energy efficiency.

AMPOWR offers unparalleled quality and profitability with energy storage systems and software solutions. Their commitment to sustainability provides reliable, cost-effective energy storage while reducing costs and carbon footprint. With cutting-edge technology, their solutions optimize battery performance, monitor energy consumption, and enable smart surplus energy trading, unlocking new revenue opportunities.

AMPOWR offers its customers a full-stack solution for energy optimization.

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