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Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP)

Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) represents various entities operating in the following: (1) Downstream business through Shell Pilipinas Corporation, (2) Business Operations through our SBO Manila centre, and, more recently, in the (3) New Energies space through Shell Energy Philippines, Inc.  

Commencing its operations in 1914, SciP has grown to be one of the Philippines’ largest investors, directly employing over 5,000 people nationwide.

Shell Pilipinas Corporation (SPC) is primarily engaged in the importation and marketing of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, lubricants, bitumen, and other petroleum products.  Its network continues to expand, with around 1,100 mobility sites catering to millions of motorists nationwide.  It also provides non-fuel retail offerings through its fast-growing network of service centers, Shell Select convenience stores, and deli2go outlets, supported by an integrated supply chain composed of 24 fuel terminals and supply points, 10 lubricant warehouses, two specialities facilities, and three import facilities.

Shell Business Operations-Manila (SBO-Manila) continues to provide professional support to various Shell operations around the globe.  Since its commencement in 2004, the company has grown from less than 50 staff to, currently, more than 4000 employees. Its expansion is testimony to the Filipino professionals’ world-class service and a significant contribution to the Shell Group’s operational excellence.

Shell Energy Philippines Inc. (SEPH) is a 100% Shell-owned, Philippines power marketing and trading business.  Registered as a direct member of the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), it offers cleaner, flexible, and competitive energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers.   With decades of experience as a power trader and wholesale supplier globally, Shell is keen to bring its expertise and understanding to develop customised energy offers for customers in the Philippines.

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