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Yokogawa Philippines Inc.

In the era of Digital Transformation (DX), Yokogawa is working with its customers in the energy industry to create new value. For the production of different types of energy resources, we provide our customers with the solutions they need to reduce the environmental impact and maximize efficiency. We protect the environment by supporting the effective use of energy and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. Yokogawa supports safe and optimal operations throughout the increasingly diversified energy supply chain, from production and supply through to use, disposal, and recycling. In new energy fields, we build stable energy supply systems that factor in predictions of supply and demand and support new business models. Through the operation of energy management systems, Yokogawa is helping to achieve a sustainable society.

Yokogawa’s Energy Management Solution is a holistic system that continuously monitors energy consumption and provides active real-time control to minimize energy cost and carbon footprint. It facilitates energy consumption analysis, drill-down analysis, what-if analysis, debottlenecking, modeling, and simulation to optimize both the energy supply and energy demand aspects of the plant operations.

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