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PE2 welcomes Sec. Lotilla’s public appeal for EEC to reduce energy consumption and demand
Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla explains DOE’s position on energy efficiency and conservation during the DOE press conference conducted with Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles on 9 August 2022. (Video grab: DOE Facebook)

PE2 welcomes Sec. Lotilla’s public appeal for EEC to reduce energy consumption and demand

The following is the released statement of the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2), containing its collective reaction to the DOE press conference on 9 August 2022:

The Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2) was pleased with Sec. Lotilla’s call to all energy consumers to participate in the country’s energy efficiency and conservation (EEC) program to shave peak energy demand to mitigate energy supply constraints. The Secretary made this public appeal, stressing the whole-of-nation approach in reducing energy consumption, and asking Government to lead by example by increasing compliance with the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP) and through the policy issuances of the Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee (IAEECC).

The energy efficiency industry was nonetheless expecting Sec. Lotilla to make the strategic linkage between EEC and DOE’s energy security and the decarbonization objectives. PE2 believes that the country could potentially deploy EEC as its first fuel, an indigenous resource, that could avoid up to 182 million tons of oil equivalent and defer 45,900 megawatts in energy infrastructure upgrades in the fuel and power sectors through 2040.

Banking on his press conference statement on continuing the policy stance of the previous administration, PE2 remains confident that Sec. Lotilla would ensure the full enforcement of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act during the first year of the new administration. PE2 hopes that DOE maintain the policy momentum of its Energy Utilization Management Bureau in crafting the remainder of the pending circulars and guidelines under the said law.

Alexander Ablaza
Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2)

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